ERP Solutions / Alderp

We create integrated management of your business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.

Al Darb is a comprehensive resource planning ( ERP ) system for business planning and organization that enables you to conduct your business and apply the complete documentary course to all departments and functions in your company and supports many sectors(Industrial –Commercial –Corporate –Services –Retail-Education).
Account Management

Restrictions and basic financial reports such as (balance of reviews-list of financial position etc...) And serves all commercial and service activities.

Human Resources Management

The program enables you to configure the basic database of human resources and fits into the Saudi labor system to make it easier for you to complete all tasks related to employees from vacations, attendance, salaries, employment and more.

Sales management

The system helps you manage the sales process in an orderly and professional manner from communicating with potential customers to delivering goods and collecting payments from customers.

Purchasing management

A comprehensive and easy document course to manage your purchases enables you to order materials, quotations and execute purchase orders as well as evaluate suppliers and record their own codes.


Configure customer database and track pre-sales processes of attracting new customers, track sales and tender opportunities, manage emails and text messages.

Project management

Follows up projects from feasibility study and contract stages to implementation and calculation of financial costs within project templates and models .

Warehouse management

Includes integrated tools that enable you to manage inventory with the warehouse hierarchy, item movements and serial numbers so that you are kept informed of inventory movement at all times

Production management

Manage the entire production and manufacturing processes at different stages in terms of materials, costs, workstations, and even product pricing using production orders .

Quality Management

Manage a set of quality processes to set quality goals through a tree of procedures for easy follow-up and review of results.

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