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Integrated suite of business applications

We provide you with a set of systems that work to complete the operations of the health entity, and we connect them in an integrated manner intending to optimize resources to provide enhanced patient care while achieving operational efficiency and increasing revenue, and we offer various administrative and health features to achieve effective integration that serves both the patient and the
  1. Management of patients and by creating a profile holds personal information for each patient and linking it to national identity or residence and the file has bills advisory and appointments based on the schedule your doctor
  2. Management of HIS health information systems:
Information systems management is divided into some of the following sections:
Nursing Management

The specialist of this system collects the patient's vital indicators, initial assessments, follow-up appointments, and printing them.

Clinic Management

This system enables the patient to book an appointment in advance and the doctor can view the patient files as well as diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Manage insurance approvals

Manage insurance approvals according to the insurance policy of the patient tied to a national identity under medical supervision.

Laboratory Management

A comprehensive laboratory information form that contains all the necessary laboratory analysis components and is easy to share.

Radiology Management

A special radiology model that contains all the special radiology such as (bookings, appointments, records) based on the radiology sections and easy to share.

Outpatient pharmacy management

It takes care of receiving prescriptions and dispensing them to patients with identification labels with bills.

Procurement management

The system provides many features and provides a platform for suppliers from which they can receive and review applications plus its bills and pricing policies, christenings, initial and final.

Manage System Settings

Clarify patient privileges, services, insurance details, tax, and general settings

Inventory management

Provides all the features of your inventory directly with the car receipt, inventory provides a tree inventory so that the measurement the last stage. Automatic minimum demand policies.

Financial management

The system provides accounting features such as (restriction of transactions-analysis of financial reports-etc… It also provides integration with other payment systems and revenue cycle management

Human Resources Management

The possibility of establishing multiple practitioners and linking each of them with the appropriate authorizations and health document with the recruitment of staff management, attendance, leave tracking, qualification, and training, as well as the availability of shift management system and automatic generation of payment list based on the schedule with automatic verification

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